About PAT

Digital technologies are transforming the way Canadians live their personal lives. Our clients are no exception, and they expect us to be on the forefront of these trends. Cumberland is utilizing PAT to enhance our client experience for those individuals who are early adopters of automation in the private wealth management world.


PAT’s mission is to help our wealth management clients navigate through digital change, within the confines of our traditional wealth management business, to enhance their experience.

PAT can automate everything from client on-boarding, investment policy statement design and model selection, to portfolio creation, management and rebalancing – ensuring you can efficiently monitor your relationship on your schedule.

We offer a managed investment account held in your name at our custodian, for active portfolios managed by Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc.

PAT helps our clients navigate digital change and provides them an option that can keep pace with our evolving world of  automation and communication, while maintaining the ability to  contact a client portfolio manager as necessary in the confines of a traditional wealth management business.

Our investment philosophy is predicated on selecting quality investments at attractive valuations to create a diversified portfolio.

PAT's data-driven investment service uses its technology platform to capture your information, and Cumberland’s experience to assess your risk profile. We create a tailored investment policy statement for you and select  your portfolio with your suitability in mind.

Cumberland is the portfolio manager of your account, PAT will act as your interface. Our research team utilizes modern portfolio trends and our proprietary research process to screen, score and monitor investment opportunities for your investment portfolio.

You will receive online access (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to view your portfolio, obtain monthly account statements and manage other account information as required.