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Investors who purchase equity securities may be exposed to a high level of risk because the prices of equity securities can rise and fall significantly in a short period of time with both a change in general markets or a change in the fortune of the underlying companies.

Investors who purchase fixed income securities may be exposed to fluctuations in the price of those securities due to change in interest rates, a change in credit spreads or a change in the ability of the underlying companies to payback their loans.

Cash, or other investments, held in a foreign currency will expose the investor to fluctuations in currency. Further, there could be limitations or taxes placed on the purchase or sale of foreign currency which could limit the investor’s ability to buy or sell foreign investments.

Liquidity risks include the inability to purchase or sell a security at prevailing or desired prices due to a lack of shares available for sale on the market.

Derivatives, including call and put options, are investments whose value is derived from an underlying security. The price of derivative securities can change very quickly and are generally much more volatile than the underlying security. Further, there is no guarantee that the derivative security tracks the value of the underlying security.

Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) are securities that closely resemble an underlying index. The value and the change of value of the ETF could deviate from the underlying index for a number reasons, including, (a) a lack of liquidity in the ETF, (b) management fees, (c) the use of leverage, (b) in some instances, the ETF does not hold all of the underlying securities held in the index.


Our privacy policy can be found here (


Cumberland has set up a process for handling client complaints on a fair and timely basis.

Service-related complaints:
If you have a complaint regarding a service-related or an administrative issue, we urge you to first speak with your Portfolio Manager or Registered Representative to determine if it may be dealt with quickly and easily. We may respond to your service-related complaint verbally or in writing.

Compliance-related complaints:
If your complaint alleges a potential compliance-related misconduct such as breach of confidentiality, theft, fraud, misappropriation or misuse of funds or securities, forgery, unsuitable investments, misrepresentation, unauthorized trading, engaging in securities related activities outside of Cumberland or inappropriate personal financial dealings with clients we encourage you to contact our Chief Compliance Officer:

Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc.
Attention: Chief Compliance Officer
99 Yorkville Avenue
Suite 300
Toronto, ON M5R 3K5
Tel: 416.929.1090
Fax: 416.929.1172

If you provide us with a verbal compliance-related complaint, we may request that you provide us with the details of the complaint in writing.

Upon receipt of a written complaint or of a verbal complaint, which is deemed to be compliance-related, we will acknowledge your complaint with a written response letter within 5 business days of receipt of the complaint. We will provide you with the name and contact information of the person coordinating the investigation, and we will also provide you with information on other options available to you in the event that our response to you is not to your satisfaction.

Cumberland will commence an internal investigation of the complaint, and within 90 days, we will provide you with a summary of the complaint, the results of our investigation and our decision and on the complaint including an explanation. Should our investigation take over 90 days, we will contact you and we will provide you with the reason for the delay, and a new estimated time of completion.


In the event of a significant business disruption (“SBD”) (e.g. major power failure, pandemic etc.) Cumberland has put in place a business continuity plan to ensure clients have access to their accounts.

Our portfolio managers will communicate with clients as soon as possible following the occurrence of an SBD to update them on the status of our ongoing services to them and to let them know how we are coping with the emergency. The main objective in developing the internal plan was to provide seamless restoration of services where possible but in any event to allow all clients access to their accounts within a period not exceeding 48 hours.

Clients may contact Cumberland using the quickest available means, including:

Telephone: 416.929.1090

Fax: 416.929.1172

E-Mail: (or your PM’s e-Mail address)

We will post information on our Site (to the extent possible) concerning ongoing communication and other incident/service related developments which may be helpful to our clients in respect of the Cumberland accounts.

In the unlikely event that communication with Cumberland is not possible, clients may get assistance/access to their accounts by contacting:

National Bank Independent Network:

Toll Free: 1-844-262-4606, option # 1 to speak to the next service co-ordinator